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Continuos womens violation ( cont)

7. June 1st week - Hostel incharger AGM Threatened, vacate the Hostel because of complained has sent about these worst securities to you sir. AGM also victim for these harassment and supportive to those already Victimed securities, so he also no doubt that a supporter for these securities and also he claimed an offence on women’s. And very clear that not following Indian laws, no respective to women’s and no any fear to AGM Manoharan that from BHEL delhi has enquired. Eventhough he threatened to vacate. Since my company office staff’s were very nice and good, this same BHEL Employed. Our Deputy Manager Ezhil gave me a suggestion, BHEL name would be spoil if in case come in media or magazines, so that he gave me a advise that avoid police complaint to give a way to take steps by management itself to punish those who were victim. (But I does n’t like to get help from my office senior staff, still all of my office staff known well me and encouraged and prized me for a dedicated and intelligent work during my tech app training from AGM Sir to Manager Maam in IC building). Every staff in our IC building are very intelligent and Best in BHEL I could say. So we kept those issues in nuetral, asked police to not take further action. Still my office senior staff of my department does n’t know anything what problem could happen, I had put so many days leave after March 13th 2012 because of this harassment. My brain some times gets pain by bulging on right side head bacause of this tension. Still some times getting these pain not able to go hospital for further checking. Doctor advised me don’t think anything could happen since will get severe problem. My Fiancee Mr.Saravanan pilot also gave me the suggestion to take those violence problem in hand when i am completing my one year apprentice technical Training for additional safety, Otherwise again brain will get severe damage which leads to anything negative. So Dec 19 th I had completed my training so we planned to complaint again to CMD. In the mean time these DELHI incident affected me and my Fiancee more. He said before one year itself (nov 2011) against womens violation, Harassment and Unlike things will going to happen more, So very carefull to walk outside even in day time itself. He is a Astrologer too. That’s the reason i didn’t join nov 2011 tech app batch eventhough I had selected No1 because got 95 % in my diploma. Later my parents asked my fiancee to safeguard if she join. So I had been came late join on Dec 2011 only to HRDC. For my safety kept personal cab with believable private security pick up and dropped, sometimes my fiancee safeguarded. Evening 4.30 out time BHEL but I was the first girl entered hostel at 4.36 to 4.39 pm need to say here. Even 5 km distance from main gate. But these bad securities commented whatever they, asked me to go by walk to BHEL. Because they need something from me while going alone to company. Following Other Criminal Offence involved by BHEL Securities: ( 1. They targetting non-employers girl, north indian like girl or north indian girl whose coming for seakings Ice cream shops from NIT college and temple going girls near BHEL Main hospital. These securities are think to very safe to doing bad stuff and are following certain safety points that no help would directly get if targeted following innocent girls. They took most of the girl mobile phones in using many routes or ways my Fiancee said. 2. Even they are very interested to get bribes from shops tea stall to medium big shops in B-sector shopping centre. One of the Shops which serviced for more than 27 yrs in BHEL quarters area called SEAKINGS Ice cream shop near RSK school and Guest House, whose owner disagree and Unwilling to give bribe to securities, but continued tortured from Quarters security so that now they vacated and left shop which 27 yrs serviced area my Fiancee said, having Evidence. 3.And also they logging cases like in quarters security are false case, EX. If a boy kept a bi-cycle in front of shops and go shop, these stupid securities stole that bi-cycle and took to security office and later asked to security means” u forgot your cycle or stole someone we captured and found this cycle here” within a minute stole by security. “You should write what I say like unless u cant take your cycle back” like that they blamed and cheated BHEL quarters staff family itself said my Fiancee. So their cases like things securities has done are not as a REAL. If it is to be enquire under the CBI means how long they enjoyed like these and what benefits they got would come out. 4.One time my Fiancee eye witnessed securities, that they captured a innocent boy near BHEL Ganesha Roundana whose working in Trichy Airport like a accused and took to security office training centre. These securities don’t have basic knowledge and behaving like a Mad to peoples Some emp
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