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Continous womens violation (cont)

4.One time my Fiancee eye witnessed securities, that they captured a innocent boy near BHEL Ganesha Roundana whose working in Trichy Airport like a accused and took to security office training centre. These securities don’t have basic knowledge and behaving like a Mad to peoples Some employee family and showing their High-Fi Criminals characters to non employers girl and woman. So it s very clear statement snatching, involved in Thefts planning,Eve teasing, Mis conduct, unrespecting to women’s, Un parliamentary language whispering and speech on quarters women’s, interested to get mobile numbers from girls whose unsupported, Violation against women’s and Harassment on women’s, getting Bribes and Corruption, Taken the Law into their hand, like a accused in a prison they are doing everthing but here not in prison. Employment in a BHEL.) Victim person’s need to be suspend immediately later they dismissed permanently from BHEL is the Happiest moment in women’s whose suffered in several ways by them Sir. There is no happy in Bus girl rape case if they will get under 302, if that girl safe then these accused would get same punishment that should protect women. After death judgement is not use for that girl. Late justice is no happy for any women Sir. Justice need to be protect. Warden is the safeguarded to me in hostel, but these worst securities murmured I should walk and go alone anywhere. So there is no have any doubt that these securities planned to do something to me. My fiancee warned more, so any time I didn’t come out for any reason. Only 2 times went for ATM with my roommate in a year training. Always fiancee spokes to me for the welfare of women’s before these incident happen and every girls should train Martial arts. So that i have avoided to go even to Hospital for sometimes that much these securities are bad. My fiancee collected IMPORTANT EVIDENCE for my incident in case security say we dont know anything. The whole BHEL securities try to Threatened My Hostel warden also, do favour what we say like in this matter. Then how its possible for girls have enough safety whose staying in working women’s Hostel. So i had vacated the hostel after that Threatened to warden also. ( Recorded in Camera) but please keep it secret for safety of women’s whose staying sir, Evidence is against CSO,AGM,7 quarters securities ) My Fiancee is intelligent and respective for women’s i need to say here. He is a Pilot and he was a NCC Cadet and got Silver medal for a Best Cadet RDC 2004 and got Shield from CM 2004 attended RDC NCC, Garrizon Parade Ground, New delhi. If he is not like such good character means now i am no more because of this Harassment. But god grace Sir, having such a good life partner. My Father was Deputy Director for Health Service in state government, just met Road accident and Disable person now, so father asked my Fiancee to Deal those problems. Securities involved in these Violation ,Harassment and Eve teased against me and Un-parliamentary language against Warden and women’s in BHEL Quarters: 1. CSO Nirmala raju (DIG - CRPF) Mentioned 2. AGM Manoharan (Employee) Pointed 3. Manickam (Security Inspector) Pointed 4. Kasturi (Security sub-inspector) He spokes very badly, Harassment speech and unparliamentary language about women’s in BHEL quarters. 5. Karupaiyah (security) Mentioned earlier from March 10th eve teasing and harassed security, later he identified now he involved in Quarters theft. When the quarters house were locked he prepare and make the plan to steal. These karupaiyah,Vilvanadhan,Mani kandan and puthumai rajan were all involved in BHEL quarters theft my Fiancee enquired. Having some proof is in his pen drive. 6 Mani kandan (security) let knew name after BHEL Delhi enquiry, from Mar 10th eve teased and harassed on me security when I came out on March 13th. 7. Puthumai rajan (security) let knew name after BHEL delhi enquiry, eve teased from Mar 10 th and Harassed security. 8. Vilvanadhan (security) let knew name after BHEL delhi enquiry, eve teased Mar 10th and Harassed security. 9. Ganesan (security) Spokes badly about women’s in general and who stayed in BHEL quarters. Everyone linked one another nothing can do with the help of other securities. The following persons are very dangerous to Women’s walking on Roads and staying in BHEL Women’s hostel. For Happened incident they all should be Punished. Who did mistakes whomever should punish, Here they continued offended on womens then no mercy to them whomever should very severely need to punish sir. So pleased you Sir to consider me like as a daughter and to take very severe action to them and maintain justice to womens. Thanking you Sir, Your Truly Ishwarya
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